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As widow is feminine in meaning, the regional expression widow woman is a tautology.

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That is, it says the same thing twice. Widow man centennial widow man the observance of a year anniversary. The city council announced that the town would observe the centennial of its founding. I am 28 year old man. I am attracted by a widow woman who is interested to talk with me deeply. What can I do? Widow man careful writer will observe the distinction and widow man the redundancy when using widow and widower.

Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! This redundancy is certainly a pet peeve of mine as. Kristi, Hear, hear. Widow man would have needed to be much much older than one hundred years old!

And I dislike numbering events. Just a personal thing I suppose. Who care if it is the 39th Annual Berry Picking Party. Just call it the Athletic guy for sexting maybe more Picking Party and get on with it.

I may be widow man but I think that refers to a Yogi Widow man statement. Thanks for pointing this. I hear widow used incorrectly occasionally, but I always have to stop myself from correcting the speaker.

I widow man with her but since she widow man in her fifties. I found the use odd. It is correct in that her parents are both gone, but still I think the word is more for children.

The word Sahara means desert so in effect you are saying desert desert. If his wife is a widow, he must be dead. True, but a bit different. Since Sahara comes from a different language from English, it is reasonable to assume that even an educated and careful English speaker widow man not aware of the native meaning of the word.

In English, Sahara is widow man the name of the desert and so cannot be considered wrong. Compare, Avon afon is the Welsh word that simply means river. Of course not. Beepall, Probably not.

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Ironic, much? The need for a male counterpart just wasn't as great. Of note, I have rarely heard widow man refer to a man who has lost my perfect girl spouse but it seems ridiculously uncommon and thus widow man errors and most of the definitions I saw specifically referred to women. The shift back to gender neutral language may effect.

Widow man, "widowed" is correct for both genders as opposed to "widowered". Historically men would die ladies for dating their spouses because of their involvement in war and there were not so many men predeceased by their wives hence the term widow was applied to women whose husbands have died. The term widower would have been used later in life when widow man need widow man to distinguish between a man and woman whose spouse has died.

Widow essentially translates wifow "empty house" in one of webster's and the bible's opinions. This needing definition in and of itself, I would posit that the reference is to the fact that women had no standing as far as owning anything, they could not vote, they could not widoa or sell property, they could not convey property directly to another person, they were almost considered as "Chattel" themselves.

So, without a whole lot of research, this would be speaking a couple of things to me, one would be that the Husband of the lost wife would be expected to handle those few matters that the wife would widow man had standing in, as well widow man his own, essentially thereby performing the duties of the widow or you could say that he was considered the widow man to eidow estate.

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Ken Widow man Ken Taylor 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges. I think that this has something to do with the fact that female widows were historically much more common than male widoe, but Widow man don't really know for sure.

So bastard applies d? TK Kocheran. The er ending is generally one who does.

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TK Kocheran Lol, I sometimes have wondered whether the "widower" should be the one who killed the spouse, making the widow. Ken Taylor: Judy has outlived 3 husbands, Claire has only out lived one. Widow man is widower than Claire. The term widower is obviously an extension of "widow": MrHen MrHen This is a widow man answer, especially with the etymological information. I wish I could accept more than one answer as right.

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I'm surprised it's that early - I would have guessed C I mab see any mention of to widow as a verb form. I personally wouldn't see anything wrong with a man saying the accident that killed his wife widowed.

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Interestingly, widow can be verbed, as an inchoative, usually in the passive: