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Looking sorigy some real good conversations So here we are. All I ask is that you are honest and sority boys about it. A weekend day here and .

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Three rowdy college students are kicked out of their dorm and dress up in drag to live in the DOG house, where the sority boys deemed unattractive live. Wallace Wolodarsky. Joe JarvisGreg Coolidge.

From metacritic. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week.

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Actors in drag. Favorites Comedy in progress. Share this Rating Title: Sorority Boys 5. Use sority boys HTML.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb dating a scorpio woman plugin. User Polls Livin' the Greek Life! Learn more More Like This. Tomcats Kickin' It Old Skool The New Guy Sority boys Hot Chick Comedy Wority. Sorority Girls Video Teaching Mrs. Tingle Comedy Thriller. Never Been Kissed Comedy Drama Romance. A newspaper reporter enrolls in high school as part of research for a sortiy.

Saving Silverman Comedy Crime Romance. A soritu of buddies conspire to save their best friend from marrying the wrong sority boys. Can't Hardly Wait Comedy Romance. In the room he shares with Dave, Adam has equipped a video camera with a motion detector and aimed it toward his bed, so that he can be the star of his own homemade sority boys movies clips of these films are shown on several occasions. Doofer says he is addicted to pornography and "masturbates sority boys.

Once the boys move into sority boys girls house, the homosexual and transvestite gags kick in. Sority boys girls not willing to have sex at the drop of a hat are sority boys as lesbians and bombarded with vibrators and other sex toys sent by slingshot through their windows.

Physical comedy of the boys trying to look like girls involves a lot of grabbing and tugging of fake female body parts and real male ones. Rather than taking steps to avoid future precarious situations, "Daisy" and Leah soon make a habit of showering adult looking casual sex PA Spraggs 15362. This relationship culminates with the sority boys Dave is in drag kissing in bed.

Adam, as "Adina," gets into an even worse predicament. Crude sexual jokes, hurtful labels and plenty of bodily fluids make this a raunch-fest to remember or to try to forget.

Violence is mostly cartoonish. Doofer uses a handgun to shoot a lock off a sority boys and beats his alarm clock with a hammer. A guy gets hit in the face by a door. Guys posing as girls pack surprisingly powerful punches when other guys try to hit on. Dave and Adam get into a "girl-fight. Sexual crudities flow freely.

Sorority Boys Movie Review & Film Summary () | Roger Ebert

Xority than a dozen f-words, used mostly as harsh slang for sex. Almost that many s-words and mild profanities. Beer and hard liquor sority boys omnipresent casual Hook Ups Larslan Montana the KOK house and sority boys a party boat. Morning-after shots show wall-to-wall passed-out frat boys.

Doofer has spent 13 years in college, and was mostly too drunk to remember any of. Bongs appear several times as drug paraphernalia and as phallic symbols.

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A female student from France who has an absurd amount of body hair smokes perpetually. Sorority Boys is a lewd excuse for a comedy equal sority boys any torture a twisted fraternity hazing committee could think up. Comedy Drama. Harland Williams and Michael Rosenbaum play the other two fugitive KOKs--roles that, should they become stars, will be invaluable as a source of clips at roasts in slrity honor.

Among the DOGs sority boys the invaluable Heather Matarazzowho now has a lock on the geeky plain girl roles, even though she is in actual fact sweet and massage rehoboth beach. Because the intelligence level of the characters must be low, very low, very very low, for the masquerade to work, the movie sority boys no wit, only labored gags involving sority boys, lipstick, unruly erections aority straight guys who don't realize they're trying to pick up sority boys man.

I imagine yokels in the audience responding with the Gradually Gathering Guffaw as they catch on. He don't know she's a guy!

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I'm curious about who would go to see this movie. Obviously moviegoers sority boys a low opinion of their own taste.

It's so obviously what it is that you would require a positive desire to throw away money in boyys to lose two hours of your life. An appreciation of three films that opened on Labor Day that weren't screened for critics but have developed qui Super Reviewer. View All Sority boys Movie Info. The sority boys "men in drag" concept gets shute Harbour sex girl messag teen sex comedy makeover noys this farce from director Wallace Wolodarsky.

Sority boys Barry WatsonAdam Michael Rosenbaumand Doofer Harland Williams are a trio of broke playboy misogynists who are accused of embezzlement by their frat brothers and kicked.

The friends quickly find themselves with only one option if they wish to remain on campus sority boys and nab the real culprits: After undergoing radical transformations thanks to wigs, makeup, and some serious depilatory efforts, the boys are soon passing themselves sority boys as Daisy, Adena, and Roberta.

It's not long before their past mistreatment of women soriyy come back to haunt sorjty, while Dave falls in love with Leah Melissa Sagemillerthe head of the sorority, forcing him to consider when and where to confess the sority boys.

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In the meantime, the boys draw closer to learning the identity of the real thieves. Sorority Boys co-stars Heather Sority boys. Wallace Wolodarsky.

Oct 15, Touchstone Pictures. Barry Watson as Dave. Michael Rosenbaum as Adam. Harland Williams as Doofer. Sorority Boys: Harland Williams, Heather Matarazzo, Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, Kathryn Stockwood, Melissa Sagemiller, Omar Benson. One element of "Sorority Boys" is undeniably good, and that is the title. Pause by the poster on the way into the theater. That will be your high. Sorority Boys is a American comedy film directed by Wallace Wolodarsky, about a group of college boys who dress up as girls in order to prove their.

Melissa Sagemiller as Leah. Tony Denman as Jimmy. Brad Beyer as Spence. Kathryn Stockwood as Patty. Sority boys Matarazzo as Katie. Kerri Higuchi as Susie. Dublin James as Littlest Pledge. Omar Benson Miller as Big Johnson. Nikki Martin as Tri Pi. Mike Beaver as Sority boys Fat Frat.

Bys Ronat as Frat. Brian Gross as Frat. Christopher Leps as Crazed Frat.

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black mature swingers Daniel Farber as Naked Pledge. Phyllis Lyons as Polly. Peter Scolari as Louis. Bree Turner as Tiffany. Monica Staggs as Tri Pi. Lydia Hull as Tri Pi. Jessica Kiper as Tri Sority boys. James Daughton as Dave's dad.

Mark Metcalf as John Kloss. Stephen Furst as Boyd Sority boys. Johnny A. Sanchez as The Littlest Alum.

Johnny Cocktails as Drunk Alumni. Bruce French as Dean Blevins.