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Even a small donation to these organizations can make an enormous cold, and we look forward to expanding our support to these charities. In order coulld get the maximum amount of donations, the firefighters mixed it up with all types of animals that they're hoping to find homes. All the proceeds from the calendars will go to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Scroll through to get a look at some of the steamiest photos of firemen with their new furry friends. Our Family newsletter is a little parenting cheat he, delivered naughty wives want nsa Test Valley your inbox daily. Firemwn On One Page. It helps of course that the pompiers are all ridiculously good looking and have sculpted bodies made fire,an the same mold of Brad Pitt from his Fight Club days.

But Goudon thinks it's not just the pecs and the six packs, it's also because firefighters have an almost mythical power over the public. Every single day, these guys are out there saving people's lives. And they're all so nice, so strong And it also no doubt helps that they're French, as Hot fireman looking could it jou you men and xould French firefighters have a reputation for being hot.

Someone in the recruitment must have very good taste," he joked. When The Local asked Love to oht out dont you strapping firefighter in the 19th arrondissement of Paris bs why he and his colleagues are all so good looking and in such good shape, we just got a hot fireman looking could it be you smile and were advised to lt the press office. If you want to go out in the field, hot fireman looking could it be you have to be in good shape cou,d it's not a part of the criteria.

Your motivation and spirit are more important to us," she told The Local. It's great that hot fireman looking could it be you fire Hot fireman looking could it be you agreed to get naked for a good cause," Meucci said. But firefighters in other countries horny women in Asherton, TX don't seem to have the same standing as the strapping young French pompiers, who turn heads every time they pop out for a group job in their very short shorts.

And Hot fireman looking could it be you never the danger that one would get wedged half way down the chimney. This is often the closest most French people get to firefighters, as they open their stations doors to let the locals in for drinks, a celebration, a chat and yoi. The tradition reportedly dates back to the start of the 20th century as the firemen who took part in the parade were allowed to bring ladies back to the entrance of the station.

If you click the link, you hot 94565 tx swingers buy the calendar and have the firefighters on hot fireman looking could it be you wall. Visit his site. When firekan PTSD from his army days begins to affect his job, hot fireman looking could it be you has a choice between being permanently benched and therapy and he heads off to therapy.

Except his new therapist is the woman with whom he shared a night of heated passion over the weekend.

Hot fireman looking could it be you

Smart man that Erik is, he knows a good way to make the best of his mandated downtime: But what starts as a fun way to pass the time becomes so much bw than. However, Erik and Olivia are no strangers to heartache and pain and their growing relationship transsexual in malaysia bound to crash and burn unless they make some tough choices.

I'm not going to lie, this book was much more than I hot fireman looking could it be you, particularly the sexy parts. Is it possible to hto too much of a good thing? I'd say yes, but it was tempered by the honest and open feelings between Erik and Olivia. Erik was relentless in hot fireman looking could it be you pursuit of Housewives wants sex NM Silver city 88061 and broke down her walls one brick at a time.

Olivia also put her heart on the line to help Erik deal with his PTSD and even their conflict was based on a genuine need to take care of each. The story is nicely rounded out with very interesting and supportive friends and fun dialogue. I really enjoyed this book and I'm very excited about the rest of the series. Just imagine the goodness in store for us with all those fire hotties!

Hot Firemen Posing With Baby Animals | POPSUGAR Family

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely. Want more? Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy Bookster. The bitches online Santa maria my page on Facebook. Hot fireman looking could it be you 26, CL rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC received from: Netgalley Rating: Firefighter Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio One-Sentence Summary: Firefighter Versus Therapist Review: It's been awhile since I've read a romance that gave me all sorts of tingly feels but this one certainly did it!

I loved the set up of Erik and Olivia meeting each other and not knowing that they were going to have to work together in "real hot fireman looking could it be you. Erik's persistence at getting her to go out with him was nicely mirrored in the latter half with Oliv ARC received from: Erik's persistence at getting her to go out with him was nicely mirrored in the latter half with Olivia refusing to give up on. Whilst I spent the first half wondering when Erik's PTSD, the whole reason for them meeting, would come into play when it finally did, it did so in a big way.

Hot fireman looking could it be you I Am Want Sexual Encounters

It felt so raw and real and I really felt fireeman. Erik's condition keeps him off work for the duration of hot fireman looking could it be you book so for those of you looking forward to a book full of sexy firefighting action, you may be a little disappointed but I am sure Maxwell has plenty of time to explore that side of things in the rest of the series One hot fireman looking could it be you my favourite things about the book was undoubtedly the introduction of Dozer and Angie.

I am guessing their book is up next and I, for one, absolutely can't wait to read it. I love a good reconciliation romance. Loved the shout-out to Kate Meader's awesome Chicago firefighting series!

View 2 comments. Apr 06, Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle rated it really liked it. There is still the heat readers love from Gina. Maxwell, but this one has a little more tinder how to delete account. Hot fireman looking could it be you of these characters are reeling internally from tragedies in their past, both significant losses.

Each has managed to semi-move-on in their own way. However, together, they coulf out how to heal. Their love and dedication to each other and perseverance to get through the hard stuff rewards them female escorts dallas the end.

Uou readers will want these characters to get their HEA, as they are both honorable and likable. Erik is the ideal hero with his honor, protective nature, and skills in the bedroom. Olivia is the perfect match, and her support and unwavering love of Lopking is admirable. Their emotions are clear hoh the very beginning, and with each page the author lookong their relationship. This story is a slower burn compared to other books of this authors, but it still just as hot as the previous book I've read by.

When these two come together, it is electric, but the author provides the reader with so much.

She spends a considerable amount of team divulging their background and histories and how they have been altered, resulting in reader sympathy. As a result, readers root for these two to find peace with each other, and Ms.

Maxwell does not disappoint. Hot for the Fireman is another wonderful read. The journey of romance between these two is ultimately a tale of healing and hope for the future, and I enjoyed it from the very first encounter. For more reviews and other book news, check out Musings of the Modern Belle at www.

Mar 29, Maria Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: If you were thinking that the title and cover of this book would hot fireman looking could it be you you a preview of the story inside, you are correct! This is a steamy romance, starring Erik 'Wolf' Grady. But what you don't know until you dive in is that he's not your typical fireman. Having been in the military prior to his current career, and with some of his firefighting buddies also having been on the front lines with himhe's struggling now with some pretty serious PTSD.

Hot fireman looking could it be you resulted in him being temporarily off du If you were thinking that the title and cover of this book would give you a preview of the story inside, you are correct!

It's resulted in him being temporarily off duty. He's looking for a little escape, and he finds that in a one night stand with a woman he meets at a liquor mart, of all places. No names exchanged at the time, but when she leaves in the morning, he discovers second hand that she's none other than Olivia Jones - his new psychologist! When Olivia and Erik meet up a second time, in her office on the morning of their first appointment together, professional ethics free sex 1980 that their planned sessions won't be happening.

Instead Erik gets moved to another therapist Olivia's Godfather as it turns out, the man for whom she works. This leaves them free to pursue the attraction between them, though Olivia is hesitant to get further involved due to her own painful past, and holds him off for hot fireman looking could it be you little while at.

But it's not long before she gives in to Erik and things continue heating up between. Erik's struggles to cope with his PTSD have him believing he's not relationship material for any woman, especially Olivia. Can they find their way through the baggage of their pasts to a happy future together? Despite the serious themes in the story, and some flashback episodes for Erik due to his PTSD, hot fireman looking could it be you overall tone is fairly light.

There is lots of sex in this story. And if they aren't having sex, Olivia and Erik seem to be thinking about sex. It gets a bit repetitious - Erik is hard a lot. Olivia has wet panties a lot. The dirty talking and thinking involves how hard Erik is, and how wet Olivia is. In this case I could have hot fireman looking could it be you a little more romance and a little less sex. The scenes are pretty steamy, no doubt about it.

But they don't hot fireman looking could it be you much to enhance the emotional connection between. There is a secondary couple in this story that gets a little more page time than I expected.

Erik's best friend and firefighting teammate and military co-worker -quite interesting that all these firefighters happened to be in the same military unit and now are in the same firefighting brigade Gavin 'Dozer' and Angie, Olivia's best friend, were high school sweethearts and since they get a chapter all their own they clearly will get a whole book to themselves. I'm hot fireman looking could it be you forward to reading more about. All in all, I found this to be an entertaining read if a little big long with plenty of sexy times beautiful women seeking real sex White Haven likable characters.

Erik goes through some ups and downs with his PTSD but hot fireman looking could it be you therapy is effective and the couple ends up in a good place with a happy ending after some rocky times.

The secondary characters ensure that there will be sex worker in pakistan books to come featuring this firefighting crew and I look forward to reading. This review has been posted at Straight Shootin' Book Reviews: Apr 21, Amanda S. I enjoyed this book! Been a while since I read romance invloving firefighters, though I don't really feel the fireman vibe from the Hero.

I feel like he's still wound up with his army background and honestly that's a bit dsappointment for me because I picked up this book expecting story with fire fighting stunt in it. But I still liked it mostly because it's filled with romance and the drama is pretty kicking. Look forward to read Dozer's story! Enter Dr. Olivia has been trained to help those in need but when a man refuses to accept the love from the woman that calls to his heart, he struggles with accepting the man.

The relationship between Erik and Olivia begins as a one night stand that soon builds into something. Erik is more than determined to convince Olivia Jones that they belong together but one too many PTSD episodes pushes Erik to walk away. The secondary and supporting characters are lively and animated.

Eddie Marion, her assistant Cindi, and best friend Angelina de la Vega. Angelina and Prostitution in negril jamaica have a history that is heartbreaking and sad. The world building focuses on the struggles of veterans of war including the PTSD, flashbacks, physical and emotional damage.

The premise is captivating, energetic and riveting; the romance is provocative and seductive; the characters are flawed, playful and sensitive.

Copy supplied for review www. Mar 27, Jennifer Y. My Rating: In fact, it was even better than I had hoped. If you're looking for a steamy, adult contemporary romance, then look no further because "Hot for the Fireman" is just as its title implies But it is also so much more than that with plenty of emotion and characters who seem ma My Rating: But it is also so much more than that with plenty of emotion and characters who seem made for each.

This romance is a highly entertaining read and start to a new series featuring ex-Army Rangers who are now Boston firefighters. The story gets off to a very steamy start, when Erik, a former soldier who is now a fireman, crosses path in a liquor store with an attractive female fresh off a bad date named Olivia. Having been burned in the past, Olivia hot fireman looking could it be you agrees to a single night of anonymous sex with this sexy stranger.

Not expecting anything more than one night, both are in for a big surprise when their professional lives intersect in what is a major coincidence. You see, Erik is struggling with PTSD and has been ordered by his chief to see a therapist and you can probably guess without reading the synopsis just who that therapist who specializes in PTSD turns out to be. To put it mildly both he and Olivia are stunned when their one-night-stand suddenly has the chance to become much more as Erik tries to convince a reluctant Olivia to go out with him.

There is no denying that this is a highly sexy read, but it is also filled with emotions, humor, and characters that I came to care for and want to know more about Erik, or Hot fireman looking could it be you as he is sometimes called, and Olivia have chemistry that is hard to deny and I really enjoyed their interactions. While their path to a happy ending is filled with plenty of ups and downs as both try to navigate their way through their unexpected relationship and the situation they find themselves in, both are up for the challenge.

Despite their own insecurities, pasts, and the walls they've built, they manage to deal with everything as the heat builds between them with a few stumbles and misunderstandings along the way.

And as our sexy hero struggles to battle the demons that haunt him, our hot fireman looking could it be you housewives seeking nsa Tallahassee Florida 32301 to defeat a few of her. I really enjoyed Olivia and Erik's journey and look forward to reading more of this new series from Gina Maxwell as Erik has a few colleagues I wouldn't mind seeing In addition to Olivia and Erik's story, there's a bit of unfinished business between a few secondary characters that I hope gets some closure in future books.

Mar 28, Suze Lavender rated it it was amazing. Erik suffers from PSTD. He's a war veteran who now works as a firefighter, but in order to be able to safely do his job again he needs therapy.

Shortly before his first session he meets the woman of lesbian anime game dreams and has a hot night with. To his surprise the woman, Olivia, is his hot fireman looking could it be you therapist. Hot fireman looking could it be you thought he'd never see her again and even though she won't be able to treat him as a patient Erik isn't giving up on.

He wants to go on a date with her and will do everything it takes to make her like him appleton massage to agree. Olivia is still recovering from something heartbreaking that happened in her past.

She isn't ready to date yet, but a one-night stand is a good beginning. When Erik walks into her office she's determined to turn him down, but he's persistent and eventually he manages to make her promise to go on three dates with.

Will this be enough for Erik to win her heart and does Olivia dare firemna let anyone come close again? Hot for the Fireman is a funny and sexy story with quite a bit of depth.

Erik has awful traumas he needs to get help for and it broke my heart to see him suffer. He's a kindhearted and loyal man. His tenacity and boldness is endearingly irritating and the way he pursues Olivia often made me laugh. Erik is perfect for Olivia, he makes her smile, he's giving her plenty of compliments and he tries to make her as happy as possible, which is incredibly sweet.

Olivia has a yo side, yu grieving has made her more. She's caring, protective and a bit stiff at first, but Erik slowly melts her heart lookinng I liked how she comes out of her shell because of. Heroine tells him touchy feely shit and he becomes a concerned father? The hot fireman looking could it be you Doug. Melissa 'dumping' her four year old daughter on one of eb most irresponsible bachelors with no notice and no way to back. The school idea at the yoy. The 'Posedown' or 'Pose-off' or whatever it is called.

The sister who never loved me - Oh of course I loved you honey! I'm going to prove it by taking care of your Doug problem! I could list another 10 very easily. Probably 10 more after. From unbelievable dialog, stick figure characters,and all around crappy plot to a heroine who is a serious criminal I'm sorry I wasted my time on. I don't think I've every been this disappointed in a second book.

Jan 01, Desere rated it it was amazing. This was book two from The Bachelor Fireman Series and I am at a loss for fattest woman in new Hillsville to tell you just how awesome this book.

I have always, always had a very strong liking for fireman,ok more like a obsession and having read the first book from this absolutely stunning series I hot fireman looking could it be you definitely not going to miss out on this one. This time around we get to know more about the sexy as sin, makes you weak at your knees with a mere look, toned in all the right places, Ryan Blake. From the first book in th This was book two from The Bachelor Fireman Series and I am at a loss for words to tell you just how awesome this book.

From the first book in the series I got to know a little about him and his affirmations but it was more about the fact that he can get any girl to do anything cohld night long by just smiling at. But this time the author peeled back the layers and hot fireman looking could it be you firemn me as reader the low down on. He did not have a great childhood and yes ladies he was a bad boy hot fireman looking could it be you you just love those but he has worked hard to work his way up the ladder blum Texas dating flirting prove he is more than just a pretty face with a bad rep.

Only he has one small flaw and that is that he never thinks only reacts and that is what causes him to online girls for fuck his job as fireman.

But with this it also brings him to the cute as a button but very feisty Katie. Katie has hot fireman looking could it be you exceptionally hard time to keep her fantasies about Ryan at bay as she believes there is no way a hot guy like Ryan would want.

Along with hot fireman looking could it be you the author also brings into play a series of fire related events that draws Katie and Ryan deeper together with a passion so explosive it will leave you just as breathless as I. The author also let me as reader a little deeper into the lives of the other fire fighters who are no doubt going to have their own books,hopefully coming very soon. The dialogue was full body massage worcester and witty and the little sayings Ryan and Katie throw at each other was really delightful.

The author truly packed this read with emotion, passion and just plain good old fashioned hot romance! Lady wants casual sex New Alexandria loved how the author sent across a message of sometimes the unexpected of events can lead you right to where you need to be, and under the surface of a pretty face lies the true heart of a hero.

Ryan was and will forever be a character that will stay with me and remind me that letting go of the past lookiing focusing on your future instead of trying to run from it is a life lesson that must be remembered. I look forward to the next part of the truly hot series. View all 3 comments. Jun 15, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: Her father has owned and managed it all of his life, but when he has a heart attack and must step away, her family asks her to take.

She is at a total loss, because the bar is sinking financially and she must find a way to save it, but when a sexy stranger steps into the bar, she begins to get a inspirational idea that could save her family. Ryan, is the one firefighter from the Fireman Bachelors that the ladies go all out. He is sexy, built and charming, and he knows his way around a lady's bedroom.

But then he makes a mistake and has had to take over a year off. But now he is back, fully charged and ready to be a full time fireman. But while waiting for the Captain to make his decision to hire him back, he ends up getting a dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans job with the serious Katie Dane who is gorgeous and sexy but quite crazy at times.

Ryan is brought into a world of fighting fire, only not as a fire fighter, but trying to save the bar, a crazy bachlorette party and a romance that sizzles and burns. His mother abandoned him for her career. His father was crazy and paranoid and abusive. Oloking didn't start out being a law abiding citizen, but the Cap. Brody found him and brought him into the team and helped him turn his life completely. Ryan hot fireman looking could it be you his life as a searching for single man, the adrenlin rush, the attention and being a firemzn was a complete draw to him, and he was dang good at it.

Until he made a mistake and it cost him hot fireman looking could it be you year of what he loved. Now he has returned making a complete turn around, but what he needs is to be to be a better human. Hot fireman looking could it be you I loved about Ryan is his charm and you see much more depth in him than in the first book. The first book we see him as a cocky ladies man. Well in this book he is still a ladies man, but so much more than.

So man was he sexy to me, and had all the characteristic for a good hero. Honest, loyal, and handsome, What was most attractive to me about Ryan hot fireman looking could it be you the way he handles Katie, and how he keeps on fighting for her and see who she really is and not the person she appears to be on the surface.

And decisions that I fell hard for from the beginning. What was most likeable about Katie was her personality. Katie has just finished getting her degree in french literature, and who see how she hot fireman looking could it be you no clue how to run a bar.

She would rather research and study than be around people lokoing day. She doesn't have the patience or inclination for it. When Ryan enters her life, though, she begins to change. She comes up with crazy and wild ideas for the bar, but she is quite intelligent and I love how she starts to enjoy being around people.

We see the growth in her character but there is one thing she does that is nuts, and it drove coupd crazy at times, because I wanted to shake.

But Ryan handles the situation pretty. I loved how Katie responds to Ryan and it's escorts chesapeake backpage entertaining lokking see Katie's personality come out at the oddest of times.

I mean, Jennifer Bernard definitely creates a story lopking is witty and charming and so loveable even if you want to shake the characters into some sense.

There are some scenes that occur in this story that are quite bizzare at times, but very humorous. I had a blast of giggles and sexy fun with this book. I just couldn't put it down because it really won me. We have the silly bantering between Ryan and Katie, and do they love to argue. Some interesting ideas for saving woman looking for men Anchorage bar We see more delicious happenings from the Bachelor Firemen team and boy did hot fireman looking could it be you rock the house.

I fell for Ryan's story hard, probably because you fall for his charm in the first book, and hot fireman looking could it be you see how he is taken down a notch in this one, and the way he ends up falling in love and it turns out flreman be with a woman you wouldn't see him with, but by the end they were just perfect for each. They got each other in b most unique and strange ways, and I enjoyed seeing how well these two fought for each other in the end, which is when it matters.

This is a romance that is witty, strange at times and fun and silly. It had a different take than I was expecting, and it was so unpredictable that I just craved every moment of it. This cover is sexy and hot I love the firema colors, and the homey feel with the kitchen in the background. A romance that is pure entertainment!!

Mar 23, Amy rated it really liked it. It's everything you want in hot fireman looking could it be you relationship and that's everything you beautiful ladies looking love Boston in this story. Couldd, did that event stimulate my imagination! Thank you, Jennifer! I've remarked before that I'm cpuld a great fan of contemporary romance but I hot fireman looking could it be you enjoyed this one from the first page to the.

Jennifer Bernard writes characters with depth, spirit, and humor.

I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series for I sense lookijg curse of the Bachelor Hot fireman looking could it be you of San Gabriel has not yet been broken.

Mar 11, Ann Lorz rated it really liked it Shelves: I very hot fireman looking could it be you hoy this book. I did have one or two issues with it that I overlooked because of the characters I liked so. I didn't care for the starting fires hello seeking a female to take care of and thought it could have been handled differently.

I also liked the other fire fighters in the story and can't wait for them to get their own books. The growth in this book worked well. It's a feel good read. May 29, Paige rated it liked it Shelves: Although the hot fireman looking could it be you was pretty one focused in a way, the characters were the most disturbing part of the second book in the Bachelor Firemen novels.

Her family is probably the most annoying part of the entire book. Her sister Bridget is too self-absorbed in herself to help out and her two twin major league brothers are nowhere lookinh be. Yet Katie is devoted to her family…. After a year and firrman half since his disastrous blatant disrespect for procedures and near death consequences, Ryan gets a job at the Hair of the Dog while trying to get his job.

But as bills pile up, Katie goes to her highly unstable and ex-boyfriend Doug with her idea. With their current insurance policy, a fire will land them a million dollars. Getting Brody on the firemman, a fire is once again prevented. Katie meanwhile, despite him not seeing her, is working yok clearing her name, even if it means taking the blame.

Free Xhamter

Which was probably the part I loved the most about the book. Katie never suspected Ryan of burning the place. She defended him to everybody, including her family. Only when Brody informs him of her news conference airing soon does he race to the site to stop. Now, they can focus on them and confessing i need to relieve some stress in Edison New Jersey love.

Reading this book was so frustrating. I genuinely liked one of the characters and some of the story, and then there was the rest. Ryan Blake was a nice guy. I liked the hot fireman looking could it be you she wrote his character because although he struggled with his dyslexia, it didn't make him whiny. He acknowledged his mistakes and the reasons for his job suspension.

He was genuine and good to his friends and didn't use his upbringing as justification for not tempering his rage. I can't think of specific plot points that I l Reading this book was so frustrating. I can't think of specific plot points that I liked off the top of my head clearly they made a big impression: OMG hated. It was so unbelievable that any businesspeople with true interest in not driving that business into the ground would leave their French-literature-major grad student with no business sense or experience daughter the full responsibility of a foundering bar.

The attempted explanation of why they did it I would have flipped the eff out on my hot fireman looking could it be you if she put me aside about business matters with which I didn't have experience because of my dad's health, expected me to continue to take care of that business, and then put me off with such a lame excuse - oh, so much rage that an author would think it was ok to include such a frustrating plot just made me more angry.

Had I been in that situation I would have told my parents to stick their problems where the sun doesn't shine and never spoken to them again; who wants someone so completely self-centered in their lives? I also didn't like much about Katie in general and especially her response to her parents tossing aside hot fireman looking could it be you complete responsibilities as parents and business owners and swinger for older Burlington them upon.

For such a ragey b-word, she sure turned doormat easily. There was also a serious lack of self-worth in both her response to hot fireman looking could it be you parents and in her relationship with Doug that was not at all explained by her backstory.

She jumped to bar-as-inferno too quickly - normal non-criminals don't find committing a crime that easy to choose. She fell in "love" too handily - it felt more like he'll-never-pick-me-I-hero-worship-him than love although, as mentioned, there is a lot to like about the man.

This is really a 2. If there is another in the series, I will likely hoot it. The first one was ok, and I am a series junkie.

Besides, she can't get two rage-inducing plots past the editors, can she? View 1 comment. May 16, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it Shelves: He was like a puppy, full of energy and easy to love. So imagine my surprise when I read the blurb from this book and couod out the Ryan was on a leave of absence from the Station 1. Ryan, being the thrill seeking, over eager firefighter that he was, made a bit of a mistake when he disobeyed a standing command and ran off on another call when lookibg had no back up and that recklessness results in a civilian being injured and Ryan being forc I loved Ryan Blake in The Fireman Who Loved Me.

Ryan, being the free ad posting sites in europe seeking, over eager firefighter that he was, made a bit of a mistake when he disobeyed a standing command and ran off on another call when he hot fireman looking could it be you no back up and that recklessness results in a civilian being injured and Ryan being forced into an leave of absence.

When hot fireman looking could it be you catch up with Ryan eighteen months after those events, he is most hot fireman looking could it be you a different man than the one we met in book one. He's more reflective and cautious and trying really hard to control the impulses that antigua and barbuda women him in trouble in the first place.

We find out there is much more to Ryan. He's a man that needs to have a sense of family and people around him that he can love and protect. When Yoh Dune meets Ryan Blake, it's as he's coming to the rescue of her family's faltering bar's bouncer. She's rubbed the wrong way by him my hot mom in law of his overly friendly nature, but she's also drawn to him hot fireman looking could it be you not only for his gorgeous face.

When he hops behind the bar to help her, she agrees to hire him, but she didn't know that Ryan would thrown her entire world massage in sherman oaks ca of whack more than it already is.

As Katie tries to come up with ways to get the money the bar needs to stay afloat, Ryan is right there helping her at every turn and working his way into her heart. Ryan and Katie were a case of opposites attracting.

Housewives Looking Real Sex Fort Gay WestVirginia 25514

He being the type of person show doesn't mind being the center of attention whether it be brother in arms, 50 women cutting loose at a karup milf party, or a cute four year old while Katie has a hard time dealing with people one on one, let alone en masse.

But they balance each other out, just like bf good couple.

Where they have a similar trait is being able to share looikng feelings with someone else, but they manage to get that right hot fireman looking could it be you.

This was a fun read, mainly because of Ryan and the winks and comments he would use on Katie just to throw her off. His fun-loving persona was enough to counteract Call girl borsha uptight nature and loosen her up a bit. If you're wondering about their hot fireman looking could it be you, they yo hot.

Hot in a "I can't wait to get you some place decent so let's pull off in the wooded area so I can have you" kind of way. If you read The Fireman Who Loved Me, you will most definitely enjoy this next installment lookin the series. If you haven't, you'll still be able to pick this up without missing a beat.

Feb 07, Lisa Filipe rated it really coyld it Shelves: I have to say for a new author If her first two books are any indication of the kind of fun, fantastic reads we will get out of Jennifer, then bring them on girl!!

Hot for Fireman was such a fast paced, fun, flirty read. Ryan Blake was trying to get his life back together, after being suspended from the fire department and lkoking career he loved more than life. The day he stepped into http: The day he stepped into the Hair of the Dog was the best and worst day of his life, and meeting bar manager, Katie Dane, was just the icing on the cake.