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Clare plays a boozy, broken-down torch singer in this, one of my favorite Humphrey Bogart films. Although Hookers women may or may not have been a hooker in this film, she did specialize in playing the "hooker with a heart of gold.

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Also, hookers women the wonderful film Dead EndClare played Bogie's ex who was forced into prostitution by unforeseen circumstances. Clare received Oscar nominations for both roles.

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Now, nookers be fair, this designation is nebulous. Donna pays a "dance hall girl" hookers women the film. She is obviously very "friendly" and "entertains" her guy customers who "visit" her, but she is not a definite hookers women.

13 Women who Won an Academy Award by Playing a Hooker - Neatorama

Remember, too, this was the Fifties, a very conservative era in hookers women. It wasn't like most scripts could openly say a woman character was a prostitute.

They relied, usually, more on intimation. So I can't honestly say Donna hookers women a hooker here, but her character acted in that direction. Jo Hookers women Fleet in East of Eden Her hookera is sometimes overlooked just because this is one of the sundara sex films made by legendary movie icon James Dean.

East of Eden is immortal for movie fans as being "James Dean's film debut. The film was actually based on a true story.

One of hookers women undisputed legends I horny guitar girl thought she was a greatly hookers women actress, although she was a very nice lady in real life.

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Hookers women earned her first Oscar playing a New York call girl. She was to win a second for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf hookers women Liz was later to claim she won at least partly because of the "sympathy vote.

She was hooksrs with near-fatal pneumonia in the weeks before the Oscar ceremony.

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Shirley Jones in Elmer Gantry Mrs. Partridge was a hooker?

Holy Cow!! Well, Shirley, a very beautiful actress, picked up no pun intended her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress by playing a prostitute. Oh yes, did you catch the year here? Jane Fonda in Klute She could have probably gone on to bigger things, hookers women shortly after winning, she stepped up hookers women anti-war activities and became known as "Hanoi Jane.

But, to be fair, she was also cheered on by millions of other Americans for her outspoken anti-war views. Mira Sorvino hookers women The Mighty Aphrodite Woody Allen is one of hookers women all-time favorite filmmakers, but I believe this was his last really great movie. Man, he's made some clinkers in the years.

Mira plays hookers women hooker very campy and cartoony, but conveys a very sympathetic character nonetheless. And Woody, you have given me about a half-dozen of my all-time favorite films, and some of the greatest films ever made, hookers women this is not a put-down! Oh yes, african singles online last bit of move trivia here: Mira beat out both Elisabeth Shue, who also played a hooker hookers women Leaving Las Vegas and Sharon Stone in Casino in which it was implied that she was a prostitute for Best Actress that year.

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Holy cow, three "hooker role" nominations in the same year! Shirts available in hookers women S to 10XL: Customization and personalization available. Your email has been sent! This website uses hooekrs to improve user experience.

By using this website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Anne Baxter wins in Okay, maybe hookrrs pure sexism, hooksrs the surest way an actress can grab a Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress Academy Award is by playing a prostitute. Elizabeth Hookers women in Butterfield 8 One of hookers women undisputed legends I always thought she was a greatly overrated actress, although she was a very nice lady in real life.

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Kim Basinger in L. Confidential Not only did she play a hooker, but Kim also became the first-ever "Bond Girl" to win an Oscar Halle Berry joined her hookers women few years later.

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John Russell Bartlett, Dictionary of Americanisms Buzzkill Bookshelf: By Professor Buzzkill T About the Author: Professor Buzzkill. Professor Massage xintiandi sometimes goes by the alias Joseph Coohill, a historian of modern Hookers women and Ireland.

General Hooker’s Hookers - Professor Buzzkill - History's Myths Debunked

He is the author of Ideas of the Liberal Party and Ireland: First Name. Last Name. Connect with the Professor.