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Darjeeling girl

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Gloriana Girls College.

Darjeeling is a graceful and kindly girl of average height and build, with a calm and collected darjeeling girl, blonde hair and a pair of light blue eyes. She wears her blond hair darjeeling girl a French braid tied at the nape.

Darjeeling is well known for her calm and chivalrous personality. She has a great many personal mottos, darjeeling girl of which are lifted from famous poets, playwrights and authors.

Two examples of these are: She tends to use puzzling idioms darjeelihg lot, some of which even Orange Pekoeher trusted lieutenant darjeeling girl loader, and apparent best friend, can't understand. Do you want dinner? She's also shown to have a strong obsession of weird things as long as they're symbolically English, like eel jelly or "driving" darjeeling girl coach.

She is also shown to be quite vague at times, such as asking questions like "what is lottery? However, of course, these character traits may or may not darjeeling girl canon.

Darjeeling accepted the invitation of Darjeeling girl Paleo dating site Academy to have an exhibition match by annihilation rules. During the match, she manage to defeat Ooarai but suffered heavy losses only her Darjfeling survived. After the match, she complimented Ooarai's overall commander Miho Nishizumi as a worthy opponent by giving them some tea as a gift and told her that she was very different from her darjeeling girl Maho.

She said it was more fun competing with Miho than with her sister. This further signifies her shock and her respect for Ooarai's potential. Afterwards, she can clearly be darjeeling girl watching and commenting on the tournament matches while sitting and darjeeling girl tea, along with her best friend Orange Pekoe.

She always supports the Ooarai team, and also cheered for Ooarai before their final match with Kuromoriminedarjeeling girl with KayAlisaKatyushaand Nonna. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. The Englishmen say: Contents [ show ].

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